We create emotions.

The jewels of Iorio Diamanterie are born from the passion we have for our work, and they do not just represent luxury, but the guarantee of having the best diamonds, the best precious stones and the finest materials in your hands.



It all began in 1989, when the Iorio family opened the historic family jewelery shop in Cagliari, in Corso Vittorio Emanuele. The passion for precious stones and jewels will then be passed down from father to son, influencing not only the career path of his son Roberto, but his studies from a young age. The Iorio jewelry shop specializes in silver , jewelry , watches and precious stones .



At the end of his studies and a post-graduate master's degree of international specialization for the role of "Technical Analyst Gemmologist and Stoner of Gemmiferous Material", his son Roberto, driven by his passion for the world of precious stones, minerals and gems, founded in Cagliari in 2001 the Gemmological Research Center , dealing with the analysis and certification of diamonds and precious stones as a gemologist and technical expert accredited for the Civil Court, the Guardia di Finanza and the Customs of Cagliari.



In the same years, the development of the Iorio family brand continued, with the opening of the diamond wholesale in 2002. This allows him to travel all over the world and create a dense network of international relationships with the main producers of diamonds and precious stones, managing not only to obtain the most advantageous prices, but to bring the rarest and most beautiful gems on the market to Cagliari. .




In 2011, the Iorio Diamanterie showroom specializing in precious stones opened in one of the most important streets of Cagliari. Our mission is to help our customers find stones and jewels that cannot be found in other jewelery shops in the city: high jewelery creations and exclusive pieces made by hand, with the best stones in the world. But not only that, at Iorio Diamanterie we specialize in natural cultured pearls and in the processing of platinum , the luxury material par excellence in wedding rings .

We create every jewel starting from stone.

The design of each Iorio Diamanterie jewel starts from the diamond. Inspired by the beauty and uniqueness of each single stone, we create a unique design around it that will be translated into reality by our master goldsmiths. Masterpeace jewels highlight the soul of our diamonds in an elegant and refined way, but at the same time with an eye to contemporary taste, the result of our "Made in Italy" DNA.

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